Steps for obtaining a new passport:

Click on apply for fresh passport.

  • There are two ways to submit an application. One method is to submit it by filling form online. Another method is by downloading the form and filling it offline and uploading the filler form. I recommend fill it online method. Because the web application has some issues with format and xml.
  • Fill the application online and submit it.
  • Next, one needs to figure out which documents one must submit. This can be done via following:

Click on document advisor. And, select document required for fresh passport. The document advisor will suggest the evidence needed based on certain questions asked by the prompt.

  • Scan the documents suggested by the document advisor. And upload them by selecting the application in VIEW SAVED/SUBMITTED APPLICATIONS and clicking UPLOAD SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS.


  • Next one must get an appointment for document verification at PSK. In order to do so, select the application in VIEW SAVED/SUBMITTED APPLICATIONS and click Manage Appointment. ß Recommended time for getting appointment 3:55 pm Sunday.
  • Once the appointment is confirmed print the appointment confirmation receipt.
  • On the appointment date reach the PSK at least 30 minutes before appointment time with all documents suggested by document advisor.
  • After the passport officer grants the visa after verifying all documents. Wait for 21 days, police verification will be done.
  • After successful verification, passport will be dispatched immediately.

Following above step would get one a new passport.  Steps for renewing a passport is similar. One just need lesser documents. For instance in my case of renewal of passport  only my mailing address changed hence I only had to provide an address proof along with  a xerox of my old passport.

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    Very helpful article .keep writing

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    It would be much better if you write the process of filling up the form.

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