Hi! Today I am gonna babble about SEO. Yes, many know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization and it has something to do with search engines. But, what many don’t know is how to achieve high rank. If I started web development today then I would have said “We can rank high on any search engine by using meta-tags and titles and keywords and blah blah blah.” Luckily, I am developing websites since 2004 and now have a firm grip on do’s and dont’s of SEO.
SEO, in simple words is a technique which a web promoter uses to ensure that his/her website ranks higher in all major search engines without spending even a penny.
How does one get about ranking a website high especially on a search engine like GOOGLE? Answer is really simple, INBOUND AND OUTBOUND LINKS. Inbound links are those links which point to your website by themselves being present on other websites(other host is more preferable). Outbound links are those which points to your partner sites and are relevant to topic of discussion on your website. Which out of these you need more of? Inbound links, duhhh. For instance, say, in your neighborhood there are two fruit sellers. One of them is affable and everyone likes him for his honesty and the quality of fruits he sells and hence he is popular. And there is the grumpy one, who shouts at the customers who pick prefer to pick fruits themselves, and often cheats customers. You are new in the neighborhood you ask your neighbors where to buy apples from, chances are they will direct you to the affable one, unless they hate you for your weird choice of dressing they won’t direct you to the grumpy one. Hence, the affable one will get richer and richer, while the grumpy one will only rationalize and continue sowing the seeds of failure. What did you get outta this story? That you should wear decent clothes. Lol, Naaw. The subtle point, which I am sure you must have noticed, is that the more fingers that the more references a website has on the WWW, the more traffic it will get, and higher it’ll rank. Hence, the more inbound links a website has the better it’ll rank on any search engine.
Google loves to crawl websites. You publish a site today and chances are within few days Google will know about it. So, when Google is crawling other websites and it comes to know that the other websites also have a link to your website, it’ll realize your importance, or precisely the importance of the contents of your website.
This brings us to next factor which can rank your site higher, that is CONTENT. The better the content the more followers you’ll have. No one will come to your site to read about how ugly your neighbor’s daughter is, or how many times you pooped today. But people will come to read if you have something interesting, or something which can help them in their work, or something which is relevant to their pursuit. For instance, if you have discovered new technique to solve complex algebra, why keep it to yourself share it on the web, and see how people become your fan. By now you must have understood why I am writing this blog.
The next factor which I’ll discuss is the structure of your website. If you wish to rank high you must not have you website with millions of independent links on one page or anywhere. A search engine friendly website has a home page with relevant information about the content and a decent number of links to sub-pages. What this decent number is? It can be about 10-15 maximum. They may again have several links to sub-pages but don’t try to go more deep as the search engine crawlers may never reach there and your content may remain hidden.
With structures, inbound-outbound links, and content, I would wrap up my today’s entry. Keep visiting for more tips on SEO.


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    This article is good. But needs to be more detailed on information about getting links and content.

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